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Ten Cybersecurity Issues We Can Help Protect Your Business From

Ten Cybersecurity Issues We Can Help Protect Your Business From

There are a lot—a lot—of cybersecurity issues that modern businesses need to be cognizant of… and, most importantly, prepared to deal with. We’ve put together a brief list of cybersecurity threats you’ll want to keep your eye out for.


Malware—or malicious software—is just what it says on the box. It’s software designed to negatively impact your business’ operations. As it can come in all shapes and sizes, the right tools will be important to have in order to block as much as you can. Firewalls, antivirus solutions, and good old-fashioned best practices on your team’s part will help minimize the opportunities malware has to get into your network.


We’ve harped on this one in the past, and for a very, very good reason: it’s a big problem. Compared to 2020, 2021 saw an increase in ransomware incidents of 62%, and ransomware was responsible for 10% of data breaches. You need to be sure your team is prepared to recognize a ransomware attack and understands what their next steps need to be.

Social Engineering

It seems a little odd to classify social engineering as a form of cyberattack, as the only “cyber” part of it is the delivery system. Social engineering efforts focus on taking advantage of the user and manipulating them to the attacker’s ends through deceit and fearmongering. Again, teaching your team what to keep an eye out for and what to do in response to potential threats is crucial.


A subset of social engineering, phishing is the use of deception to fool the user into willingly sharing information with the responsible cybercriminal, or performing some other process that the cybercriminal wants their victims to do. The prevalence of it makes it crucial that you prepare your team to spot such phishing attempts as they come in.

Zero-day Exploit

A zero-day exploit is one that isn’t identified by security professionals before it is actively being used by cybercriminals in the wild—as in, these professionals have zero days left before it becomes a problem. Regularly updating your business’ technology and its software will help you make sure you aren’t missing out on cybersecurity safeguards to help prevent these issues.

Denial Of Service (DDoS)

It is unfortunately possible for a cybercriminal to take the combined resources of dozens of hijacked bits of technology and bear down on your network, taking up its resources and effectively leaving you dead in the water. Installing firewalls can help to keep some of this traffic out of your network, saving your network resources for your use.

DNS Tunneling

DNS tunneling enables an attacker to take over your DNS server, claiming it for their own purposes. This is another example of the value of a firewall, as it can help stop this kind of attack in its tracks.

SQL Injection

These attacks can potentially give an attacker access to your business databases, where they would have free reign to steal or alter the data within. Stopping these attacks can be helped by adopting a zero-trust policy in terms of your company’s authentication measures.

Man In The Middle Attacks (MITM)

When a cybercriminal leverages a Man In The Middle attack, they virtually post up between two endpoints and interfere with data as it passes them—stealing it, altering it, or both. Encrypting your data while it is in transit will help to protect it from such attempts.

Data Breach

A data breach is any kind of security violation where your company’s data is accessed, viewed, or otherwise interacted with by someone without authorization to do so. It is important that you limit these possibilities as much as possible with a comprehensive collection of cybersecurity protections.

We can help you put these protections in place. Give us a call at (774) 213-9701 to learn more.

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