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Wireless Site Surveys and Wi-Fi Infrastructure


Is your wireless network slow? Do your employees or customers complain about getting kicked off the Wi-Fi or have trouble getting logged in? Wireless issues can be infuriating, and cripple productivity and collaboration. Fortunately, most of the time Wi-Fi and WLAN-related issues can be solved relatively easily, when you have the right data.

What Can Interfere With Our Wireless Signal?

Unfortunately, even the most seemingly insignificant things can interrupt the Wi-Fi signal as it travels from the router to your business’ endpoints. Naturally, if too many devices try to access a weak signal, the slower the speed for each device will be. This is especially true when you consider that a lot of devices are likely operating at 2.4GHz, limiting the available bandwidth at any given time. Other Wi-Fi signals operating on the same frequency can have an impact as well. This network interference can lead to frustration and loss of productivity.

The physical space of your office can also affect your Wi-Fi signal. Wi-Fi doesn’t travel through solid objects very well, so a lot of things in your business can interfere with it. Walls, furniture, and even the human body can block a Wi-Fi signal, affecting the quality of your connection.

How Datalyst Can Help with a Wireless Site Survey

A Wireless Site Survey is effectively what it sounds like: we’ll come in and evaluate what might be affecting your wireless signal. Once we have a better idea of how your business is set up, we’ll get down to business to help eliminate your WLAN issues:

  • We’ll document the trajectory of your wireless coverage, tracking issues and obstacles so we can reconsider how your network is organized.
  • Your hardware will be evaluated to make sure it is sufficient for your connectivity and security needs.
  • As we do so, we’ll ensure you are compliant to assorted compliance requirements for crucial standards, like Massachusetts 201 CMR 17, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and others.
  • Throughout this process, we’ll document your infrastructure to provide you with a reference and to compare to any future Site Surveys we may perform.

Whether you already leverage a wireless network or are planning to implement one, we can assist you in optimizing one of your business’ most critical resources.

Reach out to Datalyst for help with your wireless or other network needs by calling (774) 213-9701, or complete the form on this page.

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