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Knowing Your Technology Means Knowing What to Expect

Knowing Your Technology Means Knowing What to Expect

For most businesses, inventory is a big deal. That’s why it is so surprising that many of the same businesses that depend on their inventory and supply chain fail to properly inventory their technology. This month, we’ll discuss the importance of keeping a technology inventory.

Maintaining your business’ technology requires more than just updating your firewall or running a virus scan every once and a while. It requires a basic understanding of each component and an easy way to accomplish this is to keep thorough records.

To avoid bouts of downtime, each part of your IT infrastructure has to be managed and maintained. In order to successfully accomplish that, you need to utilize a collection of advanced tools that allow oversight of your functional IT. The cutting-edge technology we use allows us to see how each piece of your business’ technology is functioning, and provides us the access we need to ensure that technology is working as intended. 

In the course of managing your business’ IT, there is a lot of documentation you could keep if you so choose. This includes:

  • All network-attached devices you have, from your networking devices to every company-owned endpoint and peripheral that attaches to it.
  • The proper configuration for each of these devices.
  • The date that each of these devices was installed.
  • The licenses that your business needs to maintain, and the status of the ones you have.
  • A comprehensive history of all service that each of these devices has received.

The major benefit of this is that it allows your IT administrator, whether that be you, a managed IT services provider like Datalyst, or a dedicated IT admin that you hired, to more completely understand the technology your business uses. It can also go a long way toward helping you plan out your business’ future IT investments.

If you would like to talk to one of our knowledgeable IT professionals today about getting a complete roster of your company’s IT, get that technology managed by professional IT technicians, or if you just want to discuss your next step, give us a call today at (774) 213-9701.

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Sunday, December 05 2021

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