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Easy to Follow Tips to Extend the Life of Your Mobile Device’s Battery

Easy to Follow Tips to Extend the Life of Your Mobile Device’s Battery

When was the last time you wished your device had just a little bit of gas left in the tank? Smartphone batteries tend to degrade over time, regardless of how preventative and proactive we are with our day-to-day use. To help you be as productive as possible with your smartphone while the battery is still functional, we have put together a list of tips that you can use to help keep your battery as full as possible throughout the workday.

Before we get started, you should know that a lot of problems associated with poor battery life have to do with the age of the battery itself. Older smartphones might give you the ability to swap out batteries, but more recent models do not have the removable battery, forcing you to replace the device rather than simply replace the battery. If you do have to upgrade to a new device, let Datalyst help you with this process, but before you do so, let’s make sure that you actually need to do this.

Turn Down Your Screen’s Brightness

Modern smartphones have some slick looking screens, and while it might be nice to look at, it also means that the battery is draining much faster while it is on. You can reduce the impact of this by lowering your screen’s brightness in the settings of your device. This should contribute to a greater battery life.

Try to Avoid Using Media

If you use applications and media too much—especially games and high-quality video streaming apps—you can expect your battery life to dramatically decrease. To minimize the impact this has on your battery life, try to limit how often you use these applications.

Turn Off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, and Location Services

Services like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, and Location Services should only be enabled when you are using them. When you are not actively using them, they can drain your battery. It is also a security best practice to turn off any connectivity functionality unless it is needed, as you could potentially connect to an unsecured network on accident. It’s better to just disable connectivity until it’s needed.

Turn Off Mobile Data

Just like with the previous point, your phone is just about always looking for a connection, and when it cannot find one, your battery drains as a result. If you turn off your mobile data, you can save battery life. Turning off your mobile data also has the added bonus of reducing the amount of time you spend in applications and streaming services, meaning that your battery will last even longer.

Just Put Your Phone Down

As a business owner, it might seem like you can’t keep yourself from looking at your phone. After all, you are constantly receiving texts, emails, phone calls, and other messages. What if something important happens and you don’t see it? Well, if you want your phone’s battery to last a bit longer, we urge you to put your phone down and maybe set it aside for a little while—especially if you tend to use it a lot at home. The less you use your phone, the longer your battery life will be in both the short and long-term.

We hope you found this blog helpful. We urge you to share this blog with anyone who might get some value from it!

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Saturday, October 23 2021

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